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Starting with a careful inspection and discussion of your concerns and goals for your skin, all our facials will include thorough cleansing, exfoliation and toning to remove dirt from the pores and get rid of dead skin cells leaving your face with a fresh glow and a new layer of healthy skin.

CustoME Facial
Your welfare is our priority. CustoMe is here to remove the uneasiness when it comes to skin allergy or reaction during facial treatments. You get to choose your own toner, mask, cream, moisturizer and more!
Basic Facial
Relax and be pampered with our basic facial treatment that will cleanse, exfoliate, open the pores with steam, and extract dead skin cells and excess oil for a clear and glowing skin.
Acne Facial
For every skin type with acne, our anti-acne purifying facial treatment will deeply clean your skin penetrating through the pores to eliminate bacteria and remove toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in our everyday environment. With cleansing, steaming, extraction, double-use of high frequency and application of acne medicine and mask, it will help remove impurities and prevent breakouts.
Hypoallergenic Facial
Free from harmful chemicals, our fragrance-free, hypoallergenic facial treatment gently cleans your skin and helps maintain its moisture. With ingredients that keep the skin hydrated, anti-oxidants and natural plant extracts, get ready for a clear and healthy skin.
Whitening Facial
Treat your skin with our whitening facial treatment for a lighter and glowing skin. Our special whitening products are all natural and hydroquinone free and will leave your skin brighter and healthier with the help of iontophoresis of whitening serum.
Oily Skin Facial
Your skin is oily, probably because of wide open skin pores that can lead to acne breakouts, spots, blackheads, and greasy lines. Get rid of excess oil with our oily skin facial treatment for a fresher and radiant look.
Anti-Aging Facial
Our Anti-aging Facial is a treatment that helps stop the ageing process by working deep within the dermis where collagen proteins can be found. We use anti-aging products and techniques to slow the ageing process, brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles for a younger-looking skin.
Hyal-C White Facial
Our exclusive Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C ionotherapy includes cleansing, facial massage, extraction and laser, to delay signs of aging, lighten skin discoloration, and keep acne under control.
Firming with Eye Treatment
Remove everything from stretch marks to cellulite, red bumps under the skin, to scars with our firming facial with eye treatment, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Give yourself an ultimate confidence with a moisturized, firm and smooth skin.
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