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"Peeling" Beautiful

Sometimes we notice that our skin naturally peels off and replaces it with a new layer. As we age, the peeling of the skin tends to be slower and leaves off dry skin. If the skin peels off regularly, it will strengthen the outer layer and improves its texture. It can also remove blemishes and uneven skin tone, especially when the skin is sunburned.

Skin peeling can also be done in the facial area. People go to skin clinics to have their face peeled. Acid solutions is usually used to remove and replace damaged skin layers. It smoothens and refines the skin and give it a more youthful and vibrant appearance. One of the benefits of peelings is it prevents the skin to wrinkle and provides a healthier and tighter skin. It can also improve sun damaged skin and uneven skin tone.

Peels generally vitalize cell growth and collagen production. It eliminates dead skin cells and replaces it with new ones. According to David Bank, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University, when the top layer of the skin is removed, the layer of new cells will automatically move upwards to increase the collagen production and produce more Hyaluronic Acid which gives of a younger looking skin.

There are different kinds of peels, depending on the skin type. These peels are non-toxic so it will not be harmful to the skin.There are some certain side effects such as redness and tingling of the skin but only lasts for a few days. Peels usually lasts for more than a week before the next session.

After the peeling of the dead skin, it will show a more lively and younger skin. Some can already see the effect after the first session, but it is better to complete the number of sessions suggested by the dermatologist or aesthetician to really achieve the best results. Neal Schultz, NYC dermatologists stated that skin products, such as makeup and skin care shows off better after peels due to less dead cells that prohibits the products to be absorbed by the skin.

Make sure to consult first with your dermatologist or go to a skin care clinic before doing peels so you know what type or kind of peel is better for your skin to avoid complications and irritations.


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