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Can I Wear Makeup Even If I Have Acne?

One of the most common asked questions of women is

“Am I allowed to wear makeup if I have acne?”

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It is always a dilemma to women whether to wear their favorite foundation or just leave their face bare. Some women gain their confidence whenever they are wearing makeup. Also, there are girls who wear makeup to cover up acne, black spots, red marks, etc.

So the question is, do women have to avoid makeup when they are prone to acne?

No, though there are some limitations and proper guidelines to avoid having acne when wearing makeup.

Wear makeup that is labeled “Noncomedogenic”

It is important for women who are prone to acne to be more cautious to the makeup they wear. Noncomedogenic and oil free makeup does not contain ingredients that clogs pores and prevent acne breakouts.

Always check the label of the makeup and see if it is good for sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic makeup is also a good choice because it is made especially for women who are prone to allergy reaction or acne.

When buying makeup, make sure to purchase products that are perfect for your skin type. There are a lot of makeup companies who cater to skin sensitivities such as acne. If the acne is already causing breakouts, change your makeup immediately.

Wash your face every night

After a whole day of wearing makeup, wash it off before going to bed.

Even though you are tired from work or school, make it a habit to wash off your makeup before sleeping. Leaving your makeup for a whole night can cause acne and irritation because the pores are clogged and doesn’t get any air. Washing the face at night does not only removes makeup but also the excess oil and dirt from the surroundings.

When choosing your cleansing wash or foam, having ingredients that are oil-free or noncomedogenic is much preferred.

Clean your makeup tools every week

Brushes and sponges should always be washed so bacteria and dirt won’t cumulate.

Another cause of acne or acne breakouts are rough bristles of the brushes. It roughly glides on your skin and can cause damage to it. Synthetic and natural brushes are better to use and is not harmful to the skin.

Though acne are not contagious, it is better that no one uses your makeup tools. Oil and sweat from other people can be transferred to your face and can lead to acne breakouts. If you share your tools with others, wash it first before you use it and others can also clean it before to avoid passing of dirt and bacteria.

Treat your acne

Your makeup will be much more flawless if you treat your acne.

You can go to a dermatologist or skin clinic to check on your acne. Having professional advice can always help because they know what is best for you and your skin. If the acne is mild, there are some treatments that can be bought in stores and use at home.

Makeup is not necessarily the cause of acne. There are other factors that is usually the cause of it, such as overactive oil glands, dead skin cells, and other acne bacteria. You can still continue on wearing makeup if it really helps you gain more confidence and feel beautiful. It is better to be more cautious on the products that you put on your face to avoid allergic reactions and breakouts.


Should You Wear Makeup If You Have Acne?

Angela Palmer -

I have acne! Is it okay to wear makeup?


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