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What Essential Skincare to Pack For Travel

Long weekends are ahead and what better way to spend it than on an getaway? And while travelling lightly is great, skipping on skincare and beauty essentials is not.

We've listed down must-have basic products you will need to bring with you for your next trip.

1. Face wipes

This is super handy especially after a long day of travelling. Washing with water and soap is not enough to remove all the sweat and gunk piled on your face, with makeup wipes, you will feel extra cleansed.

2. Toner & Moisturizer

Keeping your skin hydrated while on the go is quite a struggle but it's a must to to avoid dull looking skin and prevent breakouts throughout your trip.

3. Sunblock

The most important product you should never skip is sunscreen. This is to reduce the amount of damage you get from the sun, especially when walking under scorching heat. It also decreases the risk of skin cancer and slows down the development of wrinkles, which is why your face needs extra protection from all the harmful UV rays.

4. Lip balm

When travelling, our skin tends to get dehydrated including our lips, which often gets easily chapped and dry. So before putting on your lipstick, swipe on a lip balm with a SPF, and continuously reapply when needed.

5. Face Mask

Single sheet masks are all about convenience nowadays since one mask already has a couple of health benefits for your skin, and if you have additional on your beauty kit, bring a couple of these with you and apply them at night before bedtime to help restore your radiant complexion after a day of travel.

Overall, our skin shouldn't be stressing when on vacation. Give your skin some love and we promise you, it'll keep you glowing your entire getaway.




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