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  • Charmine Celestino

How to Get Rid of Dark Undereyes

Your under eyes can get crazy after a night of no sleeping, darkness and puffiness the day after are visible, especially because of the thin texture of the skin in the eye area. Dark undereyes accompanied with bags will instantly make your complexion dull, pale, and looking old.

Is there a way that you can get rid of panda eyes?

Yes, fortunately, there is! Have a more youthful and supple skin without the need for injections or laser with Skin Buffet’s Dark Undereye Peptide Treatment.

Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of protein in the skin. They are great anti-aging ingredient and when applied to the skin, they send a signal to the collagen to prompt the formation of another new collagen, which lightens the area after series of sessions.

Our Dark Undereye Peptide Treatment is 999 PHP per session and 8,000 PHP for 10 sessions.




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