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Are Multiple Sessions Necessary?

We know what you’re thinking… You want an instant acne-free, glowing skin or a fat-free, toned, hairless body. We know the feeling.

A “series” of sessions are usually recommended to you, meaning multiple treatments are necessary. But, why?

Read more and let us explain.

Your Body Is Unique

You've been wondering for a while now if you can see a difference or an instant result in just one session. If a desired result was achieved after only one treatment, please do tell us where and how, we would be amazed and thrilled!

There’s actually no way to determine exactly how many sessions you will need to undergo. “But, wait! You just said I need multiple sessions!”

Yes, you do need multiple sessions. The truth is, treatments are as unique as your body. What works fast on some might not work immediately for many. Therefore, a series of sessions are recommended because it can take time to see results. Still not convinced? Alright, there are a few treatments where you can see improvements immediately. But, the more sessions you complete, the more change you will see. Some people will need more treatments than others to achieve what they want.

Booster Sessions Most clients undergo 4-6 or 5-10 treatments in series. That being said, the results from a treatment series bring results, but are not permanent. “What? So, why should I even bother getting a series of treatments?”

Another thing to keep in mind is that, as long as you’re well and alive, your skin or body will probably go back to how it was before if you don’t take care or maintain the results. Treatment is just a great tool for helping to improve it temporarily or keep it at bay. You can do booster sessions or follow up sessions every once in a while after achieving your desired results with leftover sessions from your current package or new package you’ll avail for the future. TAKE NOTE! Results has a lot of factors but mainly depends on your expectations, commitment to the treatment, how well your body responds to the treatment and patience.

Come visit us and learn which treatment is the best for you. If you truly want to see change on your skin or body, book an appointment now for a FREE consultation here at Skin Buffet. Our staff will listen to your skin and body goals so we can give you a customized and effective experience. We offer affordable pricing for multiple sessions monthly! Skin Buffet’s November promos include BUY 5 + 1 FREE or BUY 10+ 2 FREE. We believe that receiving multiple sessions is the best way to see noticeable and effective results, and will give you the results you desire.




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