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  • Charmine Celestino

What is Vampire Facial?

You’ve probably heard about Vampire Facial from Kim Kardashian when she posted a photo of herself with a blood soaked face which immediately went viral and had people asking what the new skin care was. It might look quite scary, but vampire facials definitely boasts big-time and extreme anti-aging results.

First off, it is non-invasive. It does not exactly use blood directly but the platelets from your own blood. The process involves drawing out blood from the client after which is placed in a centrifuge that isolates the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells and the resulting PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is what will then be applied back to your skin.

PRP is known for its healing properties. So when reinjected back to the the skin, it stimulates the growth of new cells and produces own collagen which creates the overall youthful appearance.

Skin Buffet is offering three different Vampire Facials designed specifically for your skin concern.


A way of rejuvenating the skin through infusing the PRP on the skin using a derma pen. Similar to Meso Rejuv, the only difference is instead of the serum, your own blood is used and results are skin firmness and radiance.


The Vampire facelift procedure is an excellent solution for volume loss and sagging skin. This is a perfect alternative for those who want to move away from dermal artificial fillers. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure involves injecting the client’s own blood or the PRP in areas of the face depending on client’s concerns. This treatment is focused on lifting, creating volume and treating fine lines and slight sagging, instantly making you look years younger.


The MicroFacial uses a derma pen as well but compared to Vampire Facial which is for rejuvenating, it is more focused on treating acne scars and clients may have the option to have their PRP injected by a doctor for deeper acne scars for faster regeneration.

Come visit us at Skin Buffet and learn which treatment is the best for you. We are always here to help you be the best version of yourself.




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