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  • Charmine Celestino

Holiday Skincare and Health Tips

Keep yourself in check even during the holidays. We know it can get a little crazy during this time of the year. Late Christmas shopping and overeating and drinking can get back not only to your waistline but to your skin as well.

It can get a little tempting to not mind these things but it's important to give your skin and body some love even on your holidays. So here are simple guidelines you can live by during the festive season so you won't feel guilty after.

1. Stick to your skincare routine

No matter how stressful and busy it can get, make time to maintain your skincare routine. If you're travelling, don't settle with what you're being offered to in hotels such as normal soaps. Bring with you even only just the basic products like your cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer.

2. Try to lessen your portions

Dieting at this time can be miserable for some, and overindulging in your favorite food could be your guilty pleasure but keep in mind that the food you eat also affects your skin. Sugary and fatty foods can cause your skin to produce more oils that can lead to blemishes while salty food can result to water retention and weight gain.

Minimize your consumption of sugar above else is a must, to avoid bloating and puffiness which can limit your skin to be on full glow during the holidays. Remember you can always eat every thing but do it in moderation.

3. Stay hydrated

A little too much of those festive cocktail drinks and wine can make you dehyrated the next day. What you can do about it is drink lots of water in between drinks to replace the hydration loss from your skin and body. Do this and you'll be thankful the next day.

4. Visit any skin clinic before and after the holidays

If blemishes and weight gain got you feeling all bad after this season, don't worry because Skin Buffet offer facials and slimming services that can get your skin back healthier and more beautiful, and can get your shape back on track as well.

Message us for more details on our ongoing discounts and promos for the holiday season. Visit our social media sites and take a look on our services we offer.

Pamper yourself with us after your stressful yet happy holidays!

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