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  • Charmine Celestino

New Year's Skin Resolution For Glowing Skin This 2019

A new year calls for a new you. It's that time where you can start over again and treat yourself better this year. Your New Year's Resolutions may include lifestyle, health, getting rid of bad habits, but another area you should try focusing on this 2019 is your skin.

If you're unsure how to start up your self-care journey, here are some easy ideas we can share with you to achieve glowing skin for the year.

When you are a skincare newbie, it's important to start with the basics:

1. Always remove make-up every night

The only thing you should be sleeping on is cleansed and refreshed face. Gently cleanse your face to remove a day's dirt. Choose a cleanser right for your skin type. A cleanser that doesn't dries out your skin and strips out essential oils in the face.

2. Exfoliate your skin

If you really want glowing skin for the whole year, you should try exfoliating but take note, do it 2-3 times a week only as over-exfoliating can cause skin inflammation. It can help get rid of acne by sloughing dead skin cells that clog pores.

3. Wear sunscreen every single day

Never skip a day without slathering on SPF on your face. Be responsible in protecting your skin from damaging UV rays that can penetrate skin and cause skin aging and brown spots. Don't wait to see the effects of neglecting sunscreen and start using them before it's too late. It's easy and requires minimal effort only so start applying them now.

4. Stop touching your face!

Means stop touching your blemishes! This can be a challenge as it can be soothing on stressful days but picking on those spots without using a proper hygienic tools only makes it worse. Make this year the year where you'll learn to stop touching your face and you'll see the results.

5. Invest in your skin

Start pampering yourself every now and then! It doesn't have to be costly as some skin clinics offer quality facial treatments that is suitable for any skin types and for very affordable prices. Take good care of your skin 2019 should be your new mantra and you'll be thankful as you age.

Better skin starts now. This is the year that you should book your appointment with us and experience a new level of skincare with our aestheticians. Check out Skin Buffet's latest promos for the month and get them at valuable prices!




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