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  • Diane Alonzo

How to Achieve a Korean Glass Skin

For the past years, Korean culture has been going viral throughout the world through its music and TV shows which most countries have adapted. The influence got stronger with the popular "Korean Glass Skin" dominating the beauty industry.


Korean Glass Skin refers to a perfectly smooth and well-hydrated complexion, which results with a glass-like skin because of its all over sheen that looks like a glass. It gives an idea of a transparent and translucent skin that is very popular not just in Korea but in other countries too. It is best for those who wants to achieve a healthy, natural, and younger-looking skin without having to put makeup on.

There are two ways to achieve Korean Glass Skin: The 8 or 10-step Korean skincare routine which requires you to double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, add essence, apply the serum, moisturize, apply eye cream, and seal with a mask, or to try out the all new Luna Blanca Program from Skin Buffet.


The Luna Blanca Program is Skin Buffet's version of a Korean Glass Skin treatment that will help you achieve your skin goal with these three words: luminous, pore-less, and translucent. It covers all the steps in a Korean skincare routine and the best thing about it? You don't have to do it by yourself and let the professional aestheticians do it for you so you can just relax and have a pamper day you've been longing for.

It’s not about just applying a lot of products, but rather about a consistent skin care done by professionals doing the right thing in the right order for your skin.

Ask us more about this program through our social media accounts and get it best from Skin Buffet with Luna Blanca Program at 3,500 per session.




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