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EXOSOMES Therapy: Stretchmarks

As we age, our skin becomes sensitive and thin due to reduction of natural production of our cells. Maintaining a youthful appearance can be high maintenance and difficult for most of us. As we age, we become conscious of our physical appearance whether intentionally or not.

We will be experiencing dry skin, wrinkles, textured skin and even stretch marks as part of the aging process. Though stretch marks can be harmless but can be disturbing for other individuals, it is part of our body’s process as a result of rapid weight gain, pregnancy or other factors. Luckily with skin treatments innovation, you can achieve a flawless and youthful appearance again!

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are naturally produced lipid nanoparticles by your body's cells. Despite their small size, exosomes have the ability to carry significant macromolecules such as; proteins, lipids, and genetic materials throughout your body. The cells in our body naturally produce exosomes and act as a messenger to communicate with one another and help to balance the biological production.

At Skin Buffet, we offer Exosomes Therapy by AnteAge that can be done either on your face and body. This targets your skin concerns such as deep acne scars, skin pigmentation, stretchmarks, fine lines, dark under eyes and hair growth, leaving you a flawless experience. Although, you must keep in mind that with any advanced treatments, this has minimal side effects.

Benefits of Exosomes Therapy for Stretchmarks?

Regenerates Skin Naturally With the increase of collagen production and improving skin elasticity, this reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles leaving you a tighter and firmer skin. With its influence in cellular processes, this can also improve your skin texture and evens out your skin texture.

Enhances Brighter Complexion

Exosomes can resolve your skin pigmentation concerns caused by sun damage.

Why Choose Skin Buffet?

Unveil a smoother, better skin with Exosomes Therapy for Stretchmarks, introductory price starts at P20,000.

We highly encourage you to visit us at our clinic to address your skin condition. Skin Buffet offers a highly concentrated treatment solution for this procedure to deliver you the best as possible with long-lasting results. Let us help you overcome your skin concerns!

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