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Intimate Whitening: Experience the Difference and Feel your Best from Inside Out

Regain the Youthfulness and Firmness of your Delicate Area

Our intimate area may be the most covered in fabrics due to our daily wear. However, why do some individuals still experience discoloration and darkening on their intimate areas? What could be the possible factors?

Causes of Intimate Discoloration:


Often shaving our delicate area causes friction and may lead to textured skin, ingrown hairs, discoloration, and irritation.

Irritation and Friction

Using fitted underwear or clothing may cause darkening due to increased blood flow and the buildup of melanin production.


As women age, the body changes due to pregnancy or menopausal, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, as well as due to hormonal changes. This is caused by an increase of production of melanin and vulvar pigmentation.

There are also serious conditions which can lead to skin discoloration, and it is highly recommended to consult a healthcare professional to further address these concerns.

What is Intimate Whitening?

This treatment contains several treatments which use safe ingredients that are clinically designed to target dark areas and blemishes in common delicate areas of our body. This targets not just our intimate areas but it also targets our underarms, elbow and knees.


Lightens and Improves Skin Texture

This treatment offers an ultimate pamper, which exfoliates and cleanses our delicate area and other parts of our body. With the use of Bella Lightening Laser, this pain-free treatment, lightens dark spots and gives the skin a smoother finish.

Uses Bella White System

This is the premium skin lightening system offered only at Skin Buffet, which includes Bella White Intimate and Intimate Peel, both crafted to brighten, exfoliate and smoothen our delicate areas.

Why Choose Skin Buffet?

Experience personalized intimate care for a healthy and better you for only P4,149. This treatment is best partnered and combined with other treatments for better and faster results.

Skin Buffet’s experts value your skin concerns to serve you the best pampering experience in order to achieve your skin goals.

Unlock your skin with a more refreshed and clear complexion by booking an appointment with us, and get a chance to receive a secret discount from us!

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