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New Normal Must-haves

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The times have been tough. The new normal requires a lot more effort than the normal we are used to. More and more strength is required to face as the days come by.

Adapting in this new normal has been hard for you and me. This is the time we are forced to be productive at the comfort of our homes. And the thin line that separates our work, school and home disappeared. And this change gave some, if not all of us, the struggle to take care of ourselves amidst all the responsibilities we have in our work and school.

Let us not all be so busy that we don’t get to take care of ourselves. Especially at this time that we are all in the midst of figuring life.

With all the protocols, we are required to bring and wear things we don’t usually bring. Facemasks, face shields, alcohol, quarantine pass and valid IDs are some of the must haves when going out. But what do we really need in the midst of all the stress in adapting to this new normal? Self-care. Taking care of yourself made easy with Treats To Go, your DIY facial and body treatments at home.

Treats To Go varies from different facials that fit on exactly what your skin needs to body treatments that can help you be prepared for the upcoming holidays. Don’t forget to let yourself rest and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Stay safe and glowing!

Book an appointment now! West Ave., QC | R Square, Taft ️+63 995 422 1387 Thurs-Sun 10am-6pm





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