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Non-Surgical Fat Loss: Do They Really Work?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Losing body fats while lying in bed sounds great, but is it realistic enough to see results?

Christmas is fast approaching and even with the pandemic, people still want to look good for the holiday photos. Why not, right? Thanks to fast technology solutions, people are now promised to lose and remove stubborn fats, tighten, lift, and contour their faces and bodies, all without going under the knife.

You can now say goodbye to surgery, ugly recovery scars, and long recoveries or downtimes with all these slimming treatments available!

Now, if that caught your attention and you’re interested, continue reading to learn more about the different treatment options and what they can achieve for you.

What is Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

This is also called "nonsurgical" liposuction. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure where a tube is inserted into a fatty area then the fat is "sucked out" for a significant fat reduction.

These procedures use lasers, heat, and cooling to "destroy" and burst the fat cells which will then be removed from the body as metabolic products. These slimming treatments generally have less-to-no recovery time, no incisions done, and can often be done during the day with a quick return to normal activities.

Types of Non-Surgical Slimming Treatments

Each of these treatments available here at Skin Buffet uses a different type of technology which may be laser- or light-assisted, cryo or freezing therapy, or sound through ultrasound or radiofrequency. They work to destroy the fat cells and "melt" the fat away.

Ultratrim Cavi

This treatment produces a different length of ultrasound waves that reaches all layers of fat in the body

HOW IT WORKS: It works by destroying fat cell membrane and converting solid subcutaneous fat to a softer and fluffier fat to easily eliminate it through the lymphatic system.

Tripolar RF

RF is a safe and relatively effective method for improving skin appearance and decreasing subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdomen and thighs.

HOW IT WORKS: The procedure works by delivering a controlled amount of Radio Frequency (RF) energy to the dermal layer to give you tighter, more youthful skin. The heat tightens the skin and also the fatty tissue deep in the skin layers. After the treatment, the fat cells shrink in size. The skin will be smoother, eliminating the dimpled effect.

Meso Lipo

This is a fat-melting injection treatment that aims to melt the fat directly into the area of concern.

HOW IT WORKS: This is administered using needles to deliver a series of injections for an effective deconstruction, dissolving, and liquefying of the fat, from which the body proceeds to naturally remove the residue out through the metabolic or excretory system.

XTrim Pro

This premium treatment is an effective alternative to surgery to treat lax and loose skin, reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, reduce stubborn fats, improve the appearance of cellulite and contour almost all parts of the face and body.

HOW IT WORKS: It uses radiofrequency waves to provide deep thermal heating which will A) cause your body to produce collagen, which yields tighter, firmer skin, and B) disrupts the fat and “melts” it.

Skinny Drip

This high-level fat-burning infusion reduces oxidative stress and helps boost your energy level that can assist you in your weight loss journey.

HOW IT WORKS: This is administered via an IV Drip which contains selected vitamins and nutrients then delivers these essential nutrients and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract.

Now, you’re wondering which is the best treatment for you?

Well, the best way to know if you are the right candidate is through a consultation. 😉

To be honest, these non-surgical fat reduction does not provide super dramatic and immediate results especially for people who are in a hurry to lose those extra fats in a day or a week. These treatments definitely work but the actual fat reduction takes place over the course of several treatments depending on the area of your concern.

For results to be maintained, of course, these passive non-surgical treatments should be paired with an active healthy diet and exercise routine to prevent the slowing down of the process and alteration of results.

So, yes, nonsurgical fat reduction works!

Whether you need a long-term change or small-term assistance, it is best to consult first to know which procedure will suit and meet your specific needs.

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