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Skin Buffet helped me regain my confidence with their Hair Growth Treatment

“Standing under harsh light made me insecure,” said a client, who has been struggling with a bald spot in the middle of their head. Our client is an entrepreneur and public figure; they constantly work under pressure and deal with many stresses in daily life. While they are proud of their career, the sudden appearance of the bald spot created a new problem. 

They need to look their best for their career, and if he doesn’t look or feel the best, it will only force them to shy away from the spotlight– that’s why they turned to Skin Buffet to solve the issue.

What are Skin Buffet’s Hair Growth treatments? 

  1. Hair PRP is a treatment that draws blood and processes it, which is then injected into the affected area. PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, is a medical treatment that helps boost healing, regeneration, and the growth of cells, which essentially is the goal of clients with hair concerns. This treatment, however effective, needs more repeat sessions.

  2. Growth Factor Therapy infuses proteins involved in essential cellular processes like cell growth, migration, and wound repair to stimulate hair growth. This treatment is highly effective and only needs to be done once a month.

While clients may choose one or the other treatment, for optimal Hair Growth, it is recommended that both, Hair PRP and Hair Growth Factor Therapy, is done alternately for maximum benefits (and at lesser cost).

Why choose Skin Buffet?

Skin Buffet is constantly evolving to offer treatments to solve skin concerns without breaking the bank. They understand people’s needs are different, so they always offer customized treatment plans to address the client’s problems. 

For this month of , Skin Buffet is offering the Hair Growth Treatment at for the first 10 clients. They hope with this solution more people would confidently stand under the limelight with a full head of hair.





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