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The Secret to a V-shaped Face

If you’ve been wanting and dreaming for a contoured, slimmer and defined face shape, then this (blog) is meant just for you!

There are many facial slimming and contouring available at the market other than going under the knife but do you really know which one suits you best? The demand is increasing for those who want to get rid of their chubby cheeks, double chin, round facial shape, sagging skin, and those who want to achieve a younger looking, defined and tighter facial features. You’ll get to know the best premium facial contouring treatments at Skin Buffet if you’ll keep on reading this article.

Ultralift (HIFU)

A non-surgical face lift that Skin Buffet Bellas crave about. It is a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) that uses ultrasound to promote collagen production in the face to safely lift and tighten skin. It protects the skin surface while precisely penetrating the top layers of the skin at deeper depths (SMAS) and higher temperatures to treat beyond where structural weakening starts. Ultralift (HIFU) trims down fats, tightens and contours the area of concern; with just 1 session, you’ll see visible results but expect swelling for at least 1-2 weeks and the maximized results would be after 30-60 days.


This treatment uses radiofrequency technology and is great non-invasive treatment for lifting sagging skin, facial feature contouring and smoothening of fine lines & wrinkles with improvements that can be seen in just one session; The delivered radiofrequency heat causes collagen to contract therefore results shown are tightened and lifted sagging skin, smoothened wrinkles and new collagen production is stimulated.

Xtrim Pro (Face)

The technology of Xtrim Pro is a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound making it an effective non-invasive alternative to surgery in treating lax, loose skin and double chin, it reduces wrinkles, tightens sagging skin, reduces stubborn fats, improves the appearance of cellulites and contours almost several parts of the face and body.

What’s great about Xtrim Pro is that improvements can be seen in just one session and not only it contours the areas of concern, but as it liquifies the fats on the targeted area, it also tightens it.

V-Shaped Face can be achieved with Skin Buffet’s BEAUTCAMP Facial Contouring Mix ‘n Match Deal that for only 30k, you’ll get 1 session of Ultralift (HIFU), 1 session of Thermatite and 2 sessions of Xtrim Pro (Face); great deal, isn’t it?

Can’t wait to work on that v-shaped face you’ve been wanting for so long? Visit our branches for a free skin assessment and shoot us a message at Skin Buffet’s official social media accounts or message us at +69954221387 for appointment bookings and further inquiries and concerns.





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