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  • Romy Berona

Underarm shy? Forget covering up your pits with our Bella Charcoal!

What if your new, clean deodorant doesn’t hold up to everyday challenges and you start sweating or worse, start smelling a little funky during that important meeting?! What if what was supposed to be a fun date night, turns into a tuck-your-arms-close-to-your-body situation, just to cover your own stench.

We understand your concerns, we really do. But what are the benefits of taking the Bella Charcoal treatment for your pits?

What is Bella Charcoal?

Bella Charcoal draws out dark pigmentation, razor bumps, chicken skin, dark and shadowy areas, dark lines & rough texture while brightening and moisturizing skin for a more soft and supple appearance. Here are the benefits you’ll get with this treatment:

  • It’s a natural odor eliminator

Forget covering up your underarm odor with synthetic fragrances that might mean slathering who-knows-what onto your vulnerable underarm skin. Charcoal is an all-natural odor eliminator that will keep your pits smelling fresh as a daisy.

It may seem a little extreme, but if charcoal can work at reducing odors in blistering disorders, then you can rest assured it will help to eliminate sweat odors. This study shows that charcoal is effective at reducing odors.

  • Its porous nature means it will keep your pits dry

Activated charcoal is carbon that has been processed to become porous and have a large surface area, and this is good news if sweat stains are all too familiar for you.

Charcoal works like a sponge, drawing moisture and bacteria to it. Of course, it’s also the natural antibacterial properties that contribute to those fresh smelling pits all day long!

  • Keeps armpits smooth

In clean deodorants, charcoal is often combined with ingredients like coconut oil and various plant-based butters that work together to keep your pits happy and smooth. Adding products containing activated charcoal to your daily routine might be exactly what makes all the difference for your delicate underarm skin.

So, if you have ever experienced annoying dry, rough and itchy pits in the past, we highly recommend a clean, charcoal-based daily routine as an alternative. Aside from a charcoal-based deodorant, you might also want to consider adding charcoal soap or a scrub.

  • Great for sensitive skin

Charcoal isn’t known for causing skin flare ups, in fact, it is often used in wound care. So, it’s a popular choice for delicate skin that usually harbors odor-causing bacteria, including underarms.

We hope you are excited to give charcoal-based products a try. A clean deodorant and soap should be able to tackle all your major underarm concerns, soothing your skin and keeping it healthy.

That is what we strive for, here at Skin Buffet!





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