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Weight no more!

Eliminate excess fat on your body with Skin Buffet’s slimming products and treatments.

Ultratrim Diode Cavitation
Ultrasound Cavitation produces a different length of ultrasound waves that reach all layers of fat: from very superficial to deep and dense. It destroys the fat cell membrane and converts solid fat into liquid which goes to the lymphatic system for filtration and elimination. Diode light increases circulation, melts soft and superficial subcutaneous fat, wakes up fibroblast activity (production of collagen and elastin).
Vacuum Shape
It helps improve facial and body contour, melts cellulites, and minimizes stretch marks. The latest in aesthetic technology, it makes use of mechanical vacuum roller, radiofrequency and laser diode light that effectively melts fat, tightens skin and tones the body. It also uses radiofrequency (RF) energy device to heat up and treat excess pockets of fat on the stomach, hips and thighs, reduce and tighten saggy skin.
RF Cool
A non-surgical tightening procedure for loose or sagging skin using radiofrequency energy to stimulate the elasticity of your skin with the cooling component that protects your skin. It heats the collagen deep in the skin without damaging the outer layer and stimulates collagen production, which results in a firmer tighter skin for a youthful look.
RF Cryo
RF CRYO treatments have been used in the health and beauty industry to maintain the skin. RF CRYO treatments can be used to treat aging and various skin symptoms by increasing cell rejuvenation, improving skin tone, reducing signs of wrinkles, promoting skin tightening, and boosting collagen levels.
RF Non-surgical facelift
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