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50 Shades Whiter

The skin lightening treatments for skin lightening products is also known as bleaching of the cream whiteners, skin brighteners. Because of the two whitening treatments a pigment called melanin of your skin. Most of the people who use lighteners do so treat skin problems such as age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones.

Dry & Wet Dermabrasion
With all natural bleach for the arms, legs, back, or body, our Dry and Wet Dermabrasion is the latest and advanced science that combines crystal free Microdermabrasion technology vacuum technology plus strategic products to provide a gentle and effective exfoliation that leaves the skin smooth, radiant and glowing. This technique is perfect for all skin types and is specifically designed for: dull skin, age management, fine lines and wrinkles, mid to moderate acne, skin smoothing, and hyperpigm
Body Scrub with All Natural Bleach
The body scrub is the popular treatment for your skin or also known as facial for the body. It is made with either salt, sugar, coffee grounds, rice bran, even pecan hulls, and usually mixed with some kind of massage oil. After the treatment, your skin is hydrated leaving it smooth and soft.
Hydra Facial
This treatment creates an instantly gratifying glow with the following steps:
Cleanse and Exfoliate
Acid Peel
Extract and Hydrate
Uncover a new layer of skin through combined cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of debris in the skin with painless suction, hydration and antioxidant protection to nourish and maximize your glow in a non-invasive process. It is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, and more.
Gluta IV and Gluta Drip
Skin Buffet offers Direct IV and Detox Beauty Drip.

They have slightly different benefits but both of them is a safe way to lighten the skin on the face and body. As an antioxidant, Glutathione cleans the liver and eradicates free radicals. Therefore, it has a very beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin, shrinking pores, improving hyperpigmentation and acne scarring and generally giving it a radiant glow.
Underarm Whitening
The use of underarm whitening cream should be used to treat the discoloration. It is the best way to deal with darkened skin. These creams are specifically formulated to deal with the sensitive skin in the armpit while addressing the buildup of melanin, which is causing the discoloration. Other creams that are formulated to be used on other parts of the body are not necessarily ideal for sensitive skin.
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