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  • Claire Uy

Inner Glow: Detox Your Way to a Healthy Skin

If you haven’t heard of glutathione yet, well, today you will.

On second place after H2O (water) as one of the most important thing you need in you body, is GLUTATHIONE. However, few people recognize its importance. Did you know that it’s sometimes called the “mother of all antioxidants” because all other antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E, rely on it to give them a second life?

Now that your interest is at peak, here’s why you need to get yourself some gluta this instant:

Gluta what?

You probably remember mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, from science or biology class. Found in every cell in the body, the mighty glutathione protects the powerhouse, from bacteria and viruses as well as toxins. It’s actually a life-saving molecule that delivers incredible benefits, and even helps slow the aging process.

Although, glutathione isn't a magic health bullet, it comes pretty close. If you’re having a short supply of gluta, you’re actually putting yourself on a road to health problems and, nobody wants that. So, we definitely recommend getting more of it to eliminate toxins from your body, keep disease at bay, maintain youth and sustain your body’s wellness.

The Enemy

To fully appreciate glutathione, it helps to know a little more about its arch enemy: free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules created by our metabolism kind of like a zombie. The instability stems from a missing electron. In a mad attempt to find balance, the zombie molecules rip electrons from their neighbors turning other molecules into free radicals causing an outbreak. This damage can eventually snowball and disrupt a cell’s integrity, causing it to behave abnormally.

Unfortunately, our bodies must fight with an ever-growing attack of free radicals in the environment.

Protecting cells from oxidation is where antioxidants, particularly glutathione, come into play. Glutathione and other antioxidants can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals which helps to recharge other antioxidants, thus protecting our cells from free-radical-induced oxidation.

So, where’s it been all my life?

Your body actually produces glutathione itself. And, if your capacity to do that is impaired, it’s a big deal.

Found throughout the body, glutathione is concentrated seven to 10 times higher in the liver. The body’s primary detox organ, the liver is charged with giving nutrients the nod to be absorbed and giving toxins the boot. If your liver isn’t functioning well, glutathione production suffers, toxins overwhelm it and illness are not far behind.

Still not convinced? Here’s a short list of benefits why you should keep your glutathione levels high:

  • Protects your DNA from damage and maintains optimal immunity

  • Protects against free radicals, tamps down inflammation and helps fend off heart disease, cancer, neurological decline, dementia and many more of the debilitating diseases we fear most

  • Keeps your mitochondria pumping out energy

  • Delivers powerful anti-aging benefits. In fact, low glutathione levels have been linked to every major aging process in the human body, so by fighting back with glutathione, you can help keep you energy levels higher, for longer.

  • And of course, skin whitening as a side effect

Need more?

Serving you more of what you need, check out our Gluta Specials now on promo.

The important part about glutathione is supporting your body’s ability to make it from scratch. We still recommend an overall approach to wellness combining healthy eating habits, exercise, 6-8 hours of sleep, peace of mind PLUS GLUTA INFUSION.

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