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2021: Year to jumpstart your skin-love

All of us have different skin concerns and skin types. Some have acne breakouts, deep acne scars, double chin & chubby cheeks while some have sagging skin, dark underarms, tummy fats, and even more. But do you know how to jump-start your journey to healthy and great skin? Here are some insider tips for your skin-love this 2021:

1. Know what you want to achieve with your skin

You might have 1 or more skin concerns but you should know your skin goals. Once you’ve set what you want to address with your skin, we’d know what to prioritize and focus on.

2. Don’t jump to conclusions— by trying random at-home remedies

Your skin better be safe than sorry! Avoid trying random remedies that you can browse online. We wouldn’t want any adverse reactions to happen to your skin.

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3. Have your skin assessed properly

A correct, accurate, and thorough skin assessment will give you an idea and knowledge of the current condition of your skin especially knowing the right and suitable treatments and products that fit your skin concern

4. Have a personalized program tailored-fit for your skin!

After thoroughly assessing your skin and knowing the treatments recommended for you, we can then create your customized program that includes the recommended treatments, number of sessions, and recommended session interval. With customized programs, you’d be able to achieve your skin goals FASTER and you can SAVE MORE in the long run.

Miracles won’t happen unless you work for it— beautiful and healthy skin requires commitment, patience, and LOTS OF CARE. We don’t want our skin to hate us! 😉

We highly suggest that clients undergo a free skin assessment at our clinic to create your customized program. Shoot us a message at Skin Buffet’s official social media accounts or message us at +69954221387 for appointment bookings and further inquiries and concerns.





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