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Fractional CO2 Laser: Your All-In-One Solution to Every Skin Concern

As a new era of skincare continues to evolve and different solutions for different skin concerns are everywhere, it can be quite confusing and time-consuming. No need to try and look anymore because here at Skin Buffet, the newest and most effective solution for treating different skin concerns is here. There's no better way to start the year with a refresh and rejuvenation of your skin with this cutting-edge technology, Fractional CO2 Laser.

Explore the benefits of Fractional CO2, the newest and proven effective treatment for every skin concern.

What is a Fractional CO2 Laser?

Fractional CO2 Laser is a treatment procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin to address a wide range of skin concerns. Unlike traditional laser treatments, Fractional CO2 Treatment works by utilizing a carbon dioxide laser to create thousands of microscopic columns, creating micro-injuries in the skin which helps in stimulating the skin's natural healing process, leading to collagen production and skin rejuvenation aiming to achieve a radiant skin complexion.

Benefits of Fractional CO2 Treatment:

Treats Deep Acne Scars:

Fractional CO2 Laser is particularly effective in targeting and reducing the appearance of deep acne scars promoting the regeneration of healthier skin cells.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation and Melasma:

Fractional CO2 Laser can target and address issues related to melasma and pigmentation, restoring a more balanced and even skin tone. 

Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Fractional CO2 Laser stimulates collagen production, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Tightens Loose Skin and Minimizes Pore Size:

Enlarged pores can be a cosmetic concern, but Fractional CO2 Laser helps reduce their size, giving your skin a refined and smoother texture along with a noticeable improvement in skin laxity as the laser stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer and tighter skin.

Sun-Damaged Skin Repair:

Fractional CO2 Laser aids in repairing sun-damaged skin by promoting skin renewal and improving overall skin texture and tone.

Why Choose Skin Buffet?

A radiant skin complexion is not just a dream, it's achievable here at Skin Buffet. 

It’s not just a treatment for one but for most skin concerns that we are all looking to eliminate. Why look for more when you can try it for an introductory price of P3,500 only plus a free skin assessment throughout January. Don't miss this opportunity to treat your skin right and step into the new year with a radiant skin complexion.

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