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Perfect Pits: How hard is it to achieve?

Are you afraid to raise your arms up just because you don’t feel confident with your underarms? Avoiding sleeveless tops? Tried products with harsh ingredients which promise to lighten up that area?

Dark and hairy underarms are one of the top skin concerns most people worry about, and since there are different remedies being sold or even posted online from natural or organic remedies, drug store products, do-it-yourself routines, waxing, plucking and shaving, and more, who really knows which one are effective and really solves your underarm problems.

What causes dark pits?

Lifestyle highly contributes to the darkening of the underarms such as excessive shaving to remove stubborn hair. These habits or routine cause frequent friction on the skin which now result in the discoloration of the area.

Chemicals in products like deodorants also affect both appearance and odor of the underarms since the harmful and harsh contents weaken and damage the skin’s barrier; too much exfoliation is a big NO too! Other factors may also include hormonal imbalance and usage of medications like birth control pills.

So, what should you do?

There are easy ways which you can do everyday to address your pit problems such as: getting rid of your shaving habits, wearing loose clothes, changing or not using deodorant and even undergoing treatments specifically made to achieve that flawless and spotless underarms.

Skin Buffet curated treatments that would work wonders for your pits especially IF you are able to follow, undergo, and commit to the recommended number of sessions, and use products that would definitely help treat the area of concern.

A sure way to have perfect pits is no joke. Talk to a consultant now!

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Written by Racel Jordan





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