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  • Audrey Calizo

Trim & Tone Unwanted Fats: Your Budget Mission Slim-Possible

Updated: May 29, 2023

Trim & Tone will complement your weight loss efforts by getting rid of stubborn and trouble pockets, hence it’s still important to maintain exercise and diet in your routine. In this way, you’ll kick-start a more fitting body to your liking you’ve been working to achieve. Hop in the fit club and don’t let those sweats from dreadful workouts go to waste.

Still on the phone trying to find the perfect and painless body-slimming treatment fit for your budget? Cut the pound and flaunt your confidence with the Trim & Tone Bundle -- a non-surgical fat reduction that includes (4) four different treatments, guaranteed achieved in just (3) three sessions, originally priced at PHP 15,096, now discounted to only PHP 7,818 all-in.

(4) Four Treatments in Just 3 Go-s:

  1. Ultratrim Cavi: an ultrasound treatment that vibrates solid subcutaneous fats of the body;

  2. Tripolar RF a radio frequency treatment that gives a more youthful skin and shrinks fat cells;

  3. Meso Lipo an injection treatment that aims to melt fat away;

  4. XTrim Pro: a radio frequency premium treatment that produces collagen for a firmer and tighter skin, reduces stubborn fats, and contours almost all parts of the face and body.


  • Liquifies fat

  • Melts excess fat

  • Tightens loose skin

  • Firmer and toned body area

Ready to get your money's worth? No needles, no downtime. Trim & Tone now!

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