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What To Do After Facial Treatments

Facials are like workout for your skin! Your face will definitely look firmer, younger and smoother.

Factors that can damage the skin are: impact of the sun’s heat or UV rays, smoke, dust and other environmental factors. Facial treatment can remove those excess dirt and oil that can lead to acne breakouts. Even though you’ve already received facial treatments, what’s even more important is maintaining the effect.

Here are some tips to retain that natural glowing skin:

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Avoid the sun as much as possible

After receiving the treatment, the skin is more sensitive as it is. Harmful UV rays can easily penetrate the skin causing damages and even scarring. Make sure to bring an umbrella or a cap so the face will be protected from the sun.

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Avoid touching the face

After the treatment, the face feels smoother and softer, which is very delicate to touch. But since the pores are open even after the treatment, dirt and bacteria from your hand can easily transfer to your face and enter the open pores which can cause breakouts even infections.

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Avoid putting makeup after receiving the treatment

As much as possible, refrain on putting some makeup, even if it’s just loose powder. The particles of the makeup can cause blockage to the pores and if blocked, the face will not be able to absorb the treatments. Don’t worry, it’s only about 12 hours after the treatment.

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Follow up with a moisturizer

Moisturizers always do you good. It is a “must have” on your skin care routine and it’s every girl’s companion when it comes to a glowing skin. It is a good thing to maintain the moisture of the skin even after treatment. Ask your aesthetician for what kind of moisturizer is best for you!

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Drink water

Water has a lot of benefits for our body. Drinking lots of water can make the skin glow and even remove toxins. When the skin is hydrated, your skin looks younger and fresh!

Follow up treatments can also help maintain the effects of the facials. Some have their facial treatments every month to really retain their glowing and healthy looking skin. Always ask for professional opinion on what kind of facial treatment is best for your skin type and follow these tips to prolong the freshness of your skin!


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