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Perfect Skin For the Perfect Date

You see him everyday and just a glimpse of his cute smile makes your heart drop by the minute. But he has not noticed you yet. So how do you get him to like you back? Of course, impression is key! It’s important to look your very best at all time.

Slipping on your favorite dress or wearing make up is just not enough. The skin will be the center of attention so let’s recognize the importance of taking care of our skin and it’s not as easy as 1, 2, 3; washing your face and applying whatever moisturizer you already have. Skin care is more than that. Now, shall we get to the nitty gritty of skin care?

Here are the steps to get that perfect skin!


Every skin care routine starts off with cleansing. Dirt and dust can easily penetrate the skin, clotting the pores, causing your skin to break out. So it is best to wash your face, day and night, with a cleanser fit for your skin type.


There are multiple toners in the market that targets specific skin conditions such as oily skin and acne prone skin. It’s most helpful for balancing the pH level, maintaining the smooth texture of your skin and keeping your skin fresh.


Exfoliate gently! Once or twice a week of exfoliating is enough to get rid of those dead skin cells that causes aging. However, it can cause dryness and skin sensitivity which is why be careful not to overdo it.


This is a must for keeping the face hydrated and feeling plump and healthy. Using the right kind of moisturizer can help reduce skin problems and keep your face smooth and clear. Including a perfect moisturizer to your routine will definitely maintain that youthful glow and better yet, wrinkle-free face!


The most underrated but most important part of skincare is sunscreen. Neither a cap nor an umbrella can totally block the harmful UV rays of the sun that causes brown spots and premature aging. Applying sunscreen regularly will not only prevent your skin from sun burns but from fine lines too, making you look years younger in the future.

And the last and most important step is to be confident and passionate. Now, he’ll definitely notice you with that ever glowing skin!

Believe and Achieve with CustoMe Facial. Just BE YOU and DO YOU because it’s FOR YOU.


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